AJIT – GVM PROJECT | The Hindu dt Oct 20, 2013


Gautham Menon teams up with Ajith?
After Suriya dramatically pulled out of Gautham Vasudev Menon’s film citing he was not happy that the project had not made any progress, the film-maker reportedly met Ajith Kumar to discuss the possibility of working together yet again. While Ajith’s fans speculated on social networks that the duo was set to join hands. Ajith’s representative says it is still too early to say anything but confirms that they have met and there is a real possibility of the duo working together. This is not the first time this is happening. Both Ajith and Gault) am were previously supposed to work togeth-er on a film produced by Sivaji Productions. As the project failed to materialise, the actor went on to make Aasal with Charan. It is unclear whether Ajith will be doing the film that was shelved three years ago or the script that was written for Suriya. It is to be noted that Gautham M en 0 n ‘s Yohan which was supposed to have actor Vijay in the lead was also shelved.


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