Endrendrum Punnagai | Tamil 2013 – Review


Endrendrum Punnagai (English: Everlasting Happiness) is a Tamil romantic comedy film. 

The Movie was launched officially in  Chennai 29 June 2012 and got released on  20 December 2013 (India) & 1 day before in overseas. The film is U/A Certificated with 153 mins Run Time and gets released in approx 750 theaters with heavy competition to Briyani and Dhoom3. Over all, the film received positive reviews from critics and overseas market from many bloggers.

Let us get into details.

Writen & Directed by I. Mueenuddin Ahmed
Produced by G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran Dr. Ramadoss
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography R. Madhi
Editing by Praveen K. L. / N. B. Srikanth
Distributed by Red Giant Movies


Jiiva as Gowtham

Trisha Krishnan as Priya

Vinay as Sri

Santhanam as Baby

Andrea Jeremiah


T.M.Karthik as Sunny


Varsha Ashwathi




The movie is about how Jiiva (who does not believe women) falls in Love for Trisha.

The Trio combo Jiiva, Santhaanam & Vinay are good freinds (from Childhood) who love to lead a Single life and keep their friendship intact without women in their life through marriage. Their freindship breaks before interval. Do they patch up again.

Also, Jiiva does not speak to his Father(Nasser) for 15 years. So the questions of Why, How and When it gets smooth is the story travelling around love, friendship and relationship with ups and down.



  • Actor Jiiva, the hero of the movie has done a commanding Job by ensuring his Screen Attitude (Character) is maintained throughout the movie. His body language stands apart in an expressive successful way.
  • Trisha, the Angel  has once again proved she rules the Kollywood & Tollywood for over a decade and still ON with her expressive acting. Anyone will fall in love with her in every frame of 2nd Half. She is one of the rare actresses, who look to get young day by day. Like VTV, this would be landmark film in her career.  2014 is going to fetch more in her kitty.
  • Santhanam,  A Very refreshing comeback who exceeds to laugher riot joyful through the film. The comedy track is well received with family member audience and does not have double meaning as compared to his earlier film. It is clean family entertainer throughout.
  • Vinay gets a strong role and adds the right flavor to this trio Friendship
  • Nasser , Andrea , TM Karthik , Jagan does their character perfect



After Vamannan(2009),  Director I AHMED comes with Big Bang and yes he is towards the WINNER title through Endrendum Punnagai. He proves Outstanding in the below areas

  • Getting Multicasting for his 2nd Movie shows his successful Captainship.
  • Each frame of the movie is Commercial Family entertainer illustrating a simillar kind of well experienced director.
  • The 3 important relations in Human life are well said parallel in this movie with importance strongly given to each of the below 3  relationships of this story
    • The father – Son
    • Friendship  – the fun, the responsibility well shown
    • Falling in love –very romantic with perfect cast, screenplay, dialogues and visuals

I AHMED gets a clear  WINNER mood with Endrendum Punnagai…



Harris Jayaraj has once again proven that he is the HEART Beat for any Commercial Successful movie. When he gets a good content like this, then the Feast becomes variety for the audience.

He brings back love mood and the youth pulse with each and every song of the movie. The topic picks are Vaan Engum Nee Minna  &  Ennatha Solla

The BGM is soulful  and may make you cry at the friendship screens and make you fall onceagain in love, whenever Jiiva & Trisha meet at the second half.

Harris will melt you – Guaranteed…



The Cinematography R.Madhi  (Ex movie  : Veyil, Paiyaa, Silambattam, Pandiyanaadu )  has given a Extravagant Visual treat and compliment to the complete mood of the movie.

This is evident in the below areas

  • Ennathao Solla Song Visual backgrouds and the producers has to be appreciated as heard that, it was a costly set made and evident in visuals clearly.
  • Complete Switzerland scenes .. Especially the Intro of Swizz is never seen such beautiful in any of the earlier Tamil cinemas.
  • The movement of Camera when Jiiva sits on the Balcony frame after his friends departs. – One of the silent seat edging admiring scene
  • The Jiiva + Trisha ..Mobile Photo taking Visual back ground scene followed by “Vaan Engum Nee Minna  “ song.

Almost every frame is Colourful, fresh , Clear and enjoyable. Endrendum Punnagai stars in one of the Top Visual Extravagant Movie of Tamil Cineas. No Doubt.

Before concluding, if something has to be mentioned… Yes the producers G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran Dr. Ramadoss for supporting I AHMED, who was just 1 film old when starting Endrendum Punnagai.

Last but not least, RED GAINTS for coming forward to distribuitng such quality fun loving movie.


So finally, Endrendum Punnagai is “Endrum Punnagai”.. | என்றேன்டும்  புன்னகை  – என்றும்  புன்னகை .. Go, Watch it in theaters , there may be chance that you may fall back in love…

So My Pesonal Rating is 4/5





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