Thegidi Movie Review


Main Cast : Ashok Selvan (as Vettri), Janani Iyer (as Madhurshree ), Kaali (as Nambi ) , Jayaprakash.

Story : An Passionate fresh Detective lands his 1st Job with complicated Knots & he becomes a part of those crimes indirectly, How he comes out of the situation is the rest story, said post interval.

Performance : The Director (P Ramesh) has kept the audience thoroughly engaged with limited characters. Keeping the run time by 121 minutes is a very apt for a detective story. The director makes you to watch your steps when you come out of the theater. He also marks by making audience talk at two main places

(1) Coffee… (silence)… Lunch… 

(2) I love you ( just 3 words at a expected lengthy dialogue scene after “Oodal”)

Ashok Selvan, after Pizza 2 now via Thegidi, the Hero has footed himself strongly as a promising Hero in Tamil. He travels throughout the frame and keeps the phase as per the requirement of the character.

He does and does not over dose his Character.. Perfect.

Janani Iyer, The beauty eye lady has been portrayed as a next door girl. Love and care speaks through her acting & eyes(expressions) … especially at most places when using the words “Enna Pa… Sollu Pa” to the hero.

Kaali (Nambi) guarantees you the smile with his subtle acting, He looks to be the zoomed version of Raghava Lawrance. Anyone will feel, a friend is needed.. if he name is Nambi…

Director of Photography : Dinesh Krishnan, He has done an excellent job especially at many close shots keeping the wide angle frame from a corner. It looks colorful and even the lighting effects are good especially when Vettri (Ashok) & Kamalakannan meet.

Director of Music : Nivas Prasanna, Scores well in BGM & keeps the silence at required places.

Over all, Thegidi – “Movie with Suspense, Worth for your Expense

Rating : 3.75/5




Directed by P. Ramesh
Produced by C. V. Kumar
Starring Ashok Selvan
Janani Iyer
Music by Nivas Prasanna
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Editing by Leo John Paul
Studio Thirukumaran Entertainment
Vel Media
Country India
Language Tamil

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