SAVE Small Budget Movies


2014 Tamil Cinema has witnessed 57 releases in 90 days (Qtr 1 of 2014 – Jan ~ Mar) and only 8 Films have made breakeven or Profits, indirectly stating only 14% out of total releases survived. Moreover the survived films (esp. Big Banner/Hero) had a notable income from the rights of Satellite Channels, which is the major saviour.

Though this trend is seen in last few years, the technology & cost of Digital production has helped small banners to produce film, but end with dark struggle, for its release. To recap, there are close to 284 films that got shelved without release in 2013. Out of this, there are biggies who purchase these small budget films and keep without releasing so that their Big Budget films get easy way for solo release.

It is time to blend few strategies, before the major bleeds happens…

  • Big Banner Films & Top Hero’s  normally have their release mostly during Festive season for long Holiday weekend. Few Major releases can be seen close to New year, Pongal, Tamil new year, Summer release, Independence day, Vijayadasami , Diwali and Christmas releases. Now the Small budget movies (< 1 Cr Budgets) should get 3 Full months for their solo release, restricting Big banner /Top Hero Film releases during these months. It can be divided as Feb & July & Nov 15-Dec15, where no Big Hero/banner is restricted to release. This will help around 50-60 films to take their breakeven/less profits at least.
  • Salary Burden: Let’s compare other Film state industries and try to fix Salary based on Hit Ratio for the Hero / Director / Music Director, which occupies the major part of the budgets. Top Hero’s have to reduce their salary and greed of asking distribution rights etc., Without them the Film industry can still survive with Veteran directors & Commandable Scripts. Many Top Heros have given Flops (/continous flops). The Industry should not Forget, Forgive & forgo this to Save its Soul for next decade.
  • State Govt should allocate Budget Aid to small budget films (< 1 Cr ) that have Social Message to the society. ie., 100 Films X 50 Lakh Reward per Film = Total 50 Cr (Govt Aid budget)

This reward will cover 50% of the Production cost and Good social Message Scripts will increase with this motivation.

Hence, Adapting such similar methods will help the Tamil Film industry more healthy & wealthy in all forms, giving More Quantity & Quality Films.

Thanking you……. Kamal

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