Vishu is an astronomically important date developed from the word vishuvath.  This is the point of starting the  Earth’s revolution in elliptical  orbit around the Sun ( watching from the earth, the Sun starts its revolution ). This is known as the new year day because the circle of revolution starts (for the sake of counting the revolution)  from Mesha  sankrathi vishvath.  Thus it is an astronomically important day as mesha vishu, the beginning of a new year  as it is the 5115th  year  Kaliyuga   calander.  Sankranthi means glorious revolution/ change.

When Kaliyuga started in  3102  BC this vishuvath was on February 17th Thursday midnight at 11.55 pm. This was the starting dateof Kalaiyuga. Hope you will remember, during then there was not January or February. This  number  day and year we get when we calculate back.

During Aryabhatta’s period when he completed the writing of Aryabhateeya, it was also one Mesha sankarati day which was at 12.00 noon on Sunday March 21st, AD 499. Remember during then the mesha sankranthi was on March 21st.
Now due to the drifting of ayanaaachalana / precision equinox  by 1 angular minute every year,  now   mesha sanskrathi reached on April 15th / 14th.

Vishu is  the day of success and glory connected with many puraanic stories. It is now connected with many aspects of agriculture as   this day  is  the starting day for the ground preparation for all types of  underground stem cultivation in South India.


It is spiritually important because it is the new year day for giving and taking m money,  good clothing, visiting temples, special prayers, vishu kani darsan  and so on.


It is socially important because it gives opportunity to  visit elders and take the blessings. It is the  day for family get together.
It is commercially important because  this is the good day for investment  and also   industrial  product sales and beginning day for  starting  construction of industrial ventures and so on.

Let all the Hindus, Christians, and Muslims celebrate this Indian scientific festival  together.  This should be an opportunity to learn more about Sanathana dharma and its scientific approach also.  The day of Vishu, this year is on April 15th (2014)


Put as many type of vegetables as possible  in a brass vessel and put a mirror also. light the lamp  and then open your eyes, on 15th morning, April  in front of this KANI. Remember Go and see  kani from the bed without opening the eyes.



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