Manam – Fan Review (Must Read)


After years a film that has given a satisfaction, that kept lingering in the minds even as I’m typing it out.

MANAM- takes the audience through a nostalgic journey, grips them from the very beginning with its screenplay. The tragic flash back of radha Krishna and the little nageswarao rao (nagarjuna) orphaned when very small. Then the story unravels into a great watching experience.

Every scene and shot so well placed, not getting into the technicalities it gives a breezy feel from the beginning to end. Kudos to nagachaitanya and Samantha for showing the different shades as radha Krishna and priya nagarjuna. Samantha’s acting graph has been moving up. Way to go Samantha! Akkinenei family has already carved a niche for themselves, nagachaitanya will just have to carry the legacy forward, I’m sure he’ll do it with élan’.

Can somebody get younger with years passing by? Nagarjuna garu you should definitely answer this. Every frame you have made your presence. We have seen you in all roles, but this definitely will stay in our heart forever. Again, both the roles be it nagesawra rao or seetha Rama very well done! The emotions that you show up be it missing your parents, or when Samantha is at the hospital, or the climax sequence was just out of this world. I’m sure this film is going to be one of your besties, not because this was your father’s last film but, you have become one of the finest actors that Indian cinema gets very rarely.

All good things are always reserved to the end, as I’m typing out about nagaeswra rao in the end. ANR garu you are a legend- a true legend. Although your presence is only for a few minutes. Post intermission you have made us travel with you through. Boring your grandson’s name, you have reminded us that as we become old we go back to our childhood; we tend to miss and remember our parents only as we grow old. Very true! How can I comment about your acting skills, you are far beyond all these reviews, have given a tough competition to your son and grandson couldn’t take my eyes off you. You have entertained us until your last breath, what more can a fan ask for? Just that you should have stayed with us some more time. ANR garu you have a chapter created for yourself in the history of Indian cinema.

Shreya saran has made a good decision of taking up this role and being a part of this beautiful journey. Keep it up! Brahmanandam garu, although your talent has not been explored to the fullest. You have made your presence felt wherever you came. Comedy in the film is just free flowing and packed in the dialogues. Surprisingly the film does not have any fight sequences. Music is the most important aspect that has given a makeshift and change in the scenes and helped us to travel with the characters.

Director vikram Kumar it’s another feather to your cap, I’m sure you’ll be proud that you have directed a legend, and his legendry family.

Akkineni family has made their father ANR proud, who has always made the Telugu film industry and Indian cinema proud.

As the title says it has taken the audience inclusive into the film.

MANAM – Mansu antha nindi poina manam. 


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