Vishal ~ The Piracy

As a common Man, I appreciate Mr.Vishal for taking up the Piracy related Issue through  legal and bring awareness & hype to the Public. It can call for a temporary screening of new movies by few cable operators, but yet the issue remains nothing new to start again.

But as a Humanitarian basis and legally claiming right to equality for all, I found the both the videos disturbing in some way if Vishal is seen as a person from Stardom level ( Celebrity/Public Image Holder)

Video 1 (Entering inside the Cable Operator Room)

I had seen the young person, who has played “Un Samayal Arayil” video in Local Channel was shown  shirt less and his 3-4 request of allowing him to wear his shirt was not even considered to hear or act. This is  highly condemnable.

Also the video which has been taken for the legal Proof is supposed to be not allowed to get published to Public. This has made the young boys life is now put in high embarrassment for just playing a movie that is not even runs in theaters today. When you see his family position and his future life, it marks a sensitive deep hurt to viewers and the individual. I think a proper action will be taken on Mr.Vishal and the team who has published this video to Public without the Individual (boy) permission.

Also, When Rapist / Terrorist faces are hidden for their high level crime, I would suggest these petty offenses should not be to public as the sensitivity is same tolerated by the accused in both instances.

It is very disturbing video & has to be removed immediate.

Video 2 (At Police Station)

After you see the above video, it is very evident that Mr.Vishal is trying to act smart by keep questing and demanding the person and the Women Police. Both the individual have cut short  Mr.Vishal to give time to bring the owner.

I think, Mr.Vishal is still not stuck with Sathyam Movie Character to question individual who is seated at Police station as  there are proper persons to take up the issue after highlighted. This, self does not only call as Publicity stunt & close the issue, but hope now Public will give back without seeing who is when the concern is wrong.

But undersigned trying to be responsible to the Issue, I would suggest the Film Fratenity to act fast to arrest the source with technologies that are available today.

  • One of your visual in the movie can carry a visible watermark image that can be different for each print and the distribution needs to be tracked till the Screen point. Then you will come to know which distribution – theater has allowed to shoot the Pirated Version.
  • Pressure Indian IT Ministry to block main web pages that allows for such downloads. Your 50% problem will be solved.
  • Most Hollywood movies are insured. Do we have a practice here in Kollywood. Adopt it with full fledged.
  • Cut the Expenses that you spend on +++ , which are not required considering such revenue leakages.

Before, I conclude let me state a Universal Fact… “A good film will never fail if you are superior to know how to present it”

Current day example : Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or YTD example Goli Soda / Drishyam / Thegidi”

When some Actors/directors/Producers do not  feel responsible & do not know to act sensisble by providing the right content to the society in cultured way, dont expect only the society to act in responsible way.

I hope this would be one of the Voice that cannot be ignored.


Thanking you… @kamaljii

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