Before we get into the Movie Review, CT takes privilege to Congratulate Actor Dhanush alies Venkat Prabhu on his 25th Film “VIP”, which is achieved in just 12 years at this “Survival of the Fittest” Period of Film Industry.

He marks his feet to be one of the Countable Persons from Tamil Cinema to take a noted Attention from Bollywood industry and WOW the Internal Audience for well known Reason.

His versatility has been proved to be a Successful Actor, Lyricist, Singer and Producer with one among the Top & upcoming hero in Kollywood & Bollywood respectively.

Aged 30, He is a National Award Winner at 27 & has asserted himself with 27 other awards as recognition to his professional career.

Known for his Personal self-discipline & Professional time commitment, he essayed this Big Success with tint of his pure dedication and hard work.

As a Believer of God, Let Dhanush taste the Pink of Health with family and walk the Red carpet of Victory in his rest of Life.


Cast : Dhanush, Amalapaul, Samuthrakani, Saranya Ponvanan, Vivek as Main Roles.

Written & Directed by : Velraj

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

DOP : ArunBabu

Editor : MV Rajesh Kumar

Banner : Wunderbar Films (Dhanush Home Production)


First Half : Graduated Engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush) linger to get his passionate career & undergoes embarrassment form Home to streets of Rome & finally gets it on Post Interval with a Serious Note prior falling at Interval. Romance & Witty Laughable Punchlines garnishes for an hour.

Second Half : After getting his passionate much awaited career, there he gets the real challenge to win his Job task. Vivek appears here to keep the phase balanced on the serious second half that has laudable punchlines.

Climax : Ends Positive favoring hero with loose logics. But still Audience will enjoy it. Especially the Villain & Dhanush conversation (after Climax Fight sequence)

Cast Performance :

Dhanush : masters it though some frame replicates his previous movies. But you find Acting Dating Dhanush honestly with perfection. He wins and runs the movie at its required phase.

AmalaPaul : Pleasant first half and Absent second half.

Vivek : After Naan thaan bala, he comes as a refreshment Cola in 2nd half and pins the frames flawless with his  Manager Cell Murugan.

Samuthrakan : As a father shows a real responsible feel of a Middle class Family.

Saranya Ponvanan : She does not need introduction to her acting, expression, comical presence and witty sense as she replicates in VIP too.

The Villain dialogue delivery is apt that suits how a Richy Filthy guy would speak, keeping his status quo.

Script & Screen Play from the Director :

Velraj, the Cinematographer has travelled equally with Danush in Pollathavan, Aadukalam, 3(Three), Nayaandi & now again as a debut director in VIP, which is also initiated by Dhanush.

This shows the Chemistry workout from lens to Pens of Velraj.

Velraj, has a notable appreciation for his screen play to keep the Serious note of interval short and sweet without loosing the seriousness but at the same time engaging the audience into the script.

The 1st half looks too short & 2nd Half looks too long inspite of having only 133 mins as the Run time. There could have been a balance in script narration.

Though there are several illogical frames that favors only hero, still commercially it passes out.

Music & BGM

Anirudh usual Formula makes a calculated win. Visually his songs gets good choreography in the 1st half all 3 Songs. Intro Song can be better. Climax BGM is Notable.

DOP & Editing :

Arun babu understand the Mass angle & logical visual, esp Actress Surabi initial glow appearance when meeting Dhanush. Few Construction site frames looks like documentary, But Editor Rajesh Kumar keeps the frames moving. Both does a fair job.


Vettri ilakkai Pathikkum / வெற்றி இலக்கை பதிக்கும்

Rating: 3/5

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