Fans Expectation

With humbles respect to the Creator & Director Thiru.Shiva, herewith submitting the Fans expectation on the upcoming Project Thala56. A percentage of below can garnish over your core content that is conceived to create another Huge BOX-OFFICE Blockbuster setting New Records to Tamil Cinema Industry, by keeping the “Top” on y(our) shoulders.

Veeram a Thumbing Hit has set you on the league of Successful Commercial directors and Thala56 will prove by making you to lead in the Front as most sought.

Here below for your kind perusal to add the Best for the Beast Records that you are set to crown your head.

This Survey is from Twitter participants (majorly) who rule the Twitter Social Media by setting Trends everywhere. The Survey conducted for a weeks time without any endorsement of Ajith Fan club handles or sites.


1Top  2 Choices summing Action thriller + Comedy  is hitting the expectation meter with 63%

Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

  • More than Genre, Screen Play matters
  • Should be a complete Family entertainer like Padayappa or Annamalai

2 3Double Heroine subject can be considered.

4 5

Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

  • Intro and Kuthu / Gana Song should be Present

6 7Thala is under utilized in this area. The Expectation meter for High and Very High Performance is 54%

Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

  • Thala can dance well like “Varalaaru Intro Song” [Illamai]
  • Choreographer can be Shobi or Robert or Raju Sundaram, who can given intense performance to Thala
  • Veeram except Intro songs, rest were Avg performance incl the Climax kuthu Song.



Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

Villain with Little witty narration choosen from KW (Like Prakash Raj) or a complete new face suiting the script.

10aThala is known for his Daredevil stunts. The High and Very High Expectation meter contributes 92%  on this proven area from Billa (2007) to Veeram

Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

  • Expecting much Bigger, High Voltage Action than Veeram
  • Take care of our Thala, he is our Precious Gift

11 12Fans expectation is to see Thala Avatar on his Birthday. Still a Glimpse like Trailer can do if the script demands more time.

Fans Msg to Dir Shiva

Thala Film release date itself a Festival, But releasing in a Festival is Double Celebration with long weekend.

13 ques

No expectation… Just #Thala is enough – Yesterday, 3:42PM
Mvi should be blast..thala look will be another mass style..romantic scenes should be like kadhal mannan..we need a one action thriller film from you..sai.sai – Yesterday, 8:40AM
Siva sir Thala look super aakanam – Yesterday, 8:10AM
Try to cast in Navarasa Nayagan Karthik in an equal role… – Yesterday, 6:30AM
We want gethu thala to be seen in the screen.. another mass film like siruthai. – Yesterday, 6:25AM
movie needs to shift Normal shiva to commerical king siva – Yesterday, 5:27AM
No punch dialogues. Villains shouldn’t fly when hero fights them. Comedians and heroine should be given importance and should travel along the movie but not to be part time like usual masala movies. Thala shouldn’t smoke or drink. No double meaning dialogues. Heroine should reveal less skin. Let’s make a clean entertainer. Climax should be extra ordinary & unpredictable not usual fight with villain to the day kind. – Yesterday, 5:15AM
ajith sir never did full length comedy can you do for ajith fans at once? – Wednesday, Jul 16th 5:29AM
It should be a Lucca character oriented movie…Thala+ Yuvan mass combo..:) – Wednesday, Jul 16th 4:42AM
Want varallaru , kreedom kinda performance . its been a long time. – Wednesday, Jul 16th 4:28AM
Thala in a dual role,as a hero and villan – Wednesday, Jul 16th 4:28AM
I Believe u sir… – Wednesday, Jul 16th 4:26AM
Shiva Sir we are expecting another block buster..   – Tuesday, Jul 15th 1:13AM
ajith double act in movie and two ajith young and ajith reduce weight and perfact romance movie – Tuesday, Jul 15th 12:50AM
ajith double act in movie and two ajith young and ajith reduce weight and perfact romance movie – Tuesday, Jul 15th 12:50AM
sir please make young look for thala. – Monday, Jul 14th 11:07PM
In Veerma I noticed Thala Ajith only coming for Fight scenes in 2nd half(this should be avoided)..Even many hated 2 half of Thala(looking too old) getup in Veeram.. Pls don’t do it… Don’t go much into masala movies & not into stylish.. Be best with content and good at logic. Stop salt & Pepper..I am expecting an Adventure based raw fight with low mass image movie… – Monday, Jul 14th 9:32PM
Shiva na I know u can do it better 🙂 –
Sir thalaya young ah, stylish ah kattunga, thalaya CHENNAI OR TN dada madiri , rowdy mari mass ah oru role vaiga .fast Screenplay is must,twists irukanum , powerfull story and powerfull villan is must sir. . But “secondhalf is more important than first half. ”   – Monday, Jul 14th 10:18AM
It is purely action, mass masala – Monday, Jul 14th 5:10AM
shud b massive – Monday, Jul 14th 4:12AM
Sir! See new thala in screen presence …. – Sunday, Jul 13th 11:31AM
I hope u will do it –
மீண்டும் ஒரு அடிதடி யுடன் கூடிய குடும்பசித்திரம்   – Sunday, Jul 13th 8:09AM
we want to see thala Siva combo oly tats enough   – Sunday, Jul 13th 2:46AM
Please sir we want to see thala very stylish . Please do this sir – Sunday, Jul 13th 4:46AM
Mass Film Venum Brother – Sunday, Jul 13th 3:16AM
i wanna see thala to act in a romantic movie.its a long time that thala acted in a romantic u thala<live let live> – Sunday, Jul 13th 3:08AM
Please show thala in stylish with strong story line.   – Sunday, Jul 13th 3:06AM
It should b better than veeram nd thala with new look… – Sunday, Jul 13th 2:23AM
Movie should be completly different from other thala movies. Sir screenplay mass ah irukanum, with more twists. #Fast_screenplay , and a powerful #villan is must. Siva sir #Bgm should be terrible, thala should be young and should do romance scenes. Songs are very very important.” Second half is more important than first half”. – Sunday, Jul 13th 2:03AM
It should be a pure entertainer. –
thala mass erukanum – Sunday, Jul 13th 1:51AM
sir do super hit fans r waiting ur team come very soon…. – Sunday, Jul 13th 12:17AM
Theri mass ah irukanum…Thala varura ovvoru scene um semaiya irukanum…Theme music opening la irukanum…melody songs vendam…climax la turning point irukanum…Padam mudiyum pothu thala smile pannikite padam mudiyanum… – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:01PM
sir please give best blockbuster film in ajith sir career. – Saturday, Jul 12th 10:13PM
siva sir give more importance to ajith sir fittness bcoz ajith sir dnt body fittness but gvm movie ajith looking fit & give more importance songs & chroerography & waiting fr another mass family entertainer……! – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:26PM
thala ajith should be changed their getup with acting purpose like won national award? – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:36PM
Yes or No –
mine:yes –
Dear Shiva Sir, please make Thala 56 a blend of Action, Comedy and Romance.. Please rope Vadivelu sir in for Comedy… The film will be a rocking one!! Another Blockbuster from u please!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:23PM
Intha Movie Theri Mass irukanum – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:21PM
Film should be marana mass.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:12PM
stylish.. full clarity like BILLA. –
don’t put mokka comedies.. –
And last Thala should be thala!.. –
dheena physical apperance – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:22PM
please do care about the dance – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:14PM
please dont give a dance like in veeram   –
need more mass –
Sir please take our thala, need action thriller movie with power ful script and should be racy, take care in songs and dance.. Need mass Bgm like veeram.. Thala should be slim and fit. Need more comedy.. Need kuth song with thala dance. Release it for thala birthday. All the best mass kattunga. – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:10PM
Make you own movie with some logic. Like #veeram   – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:05PM
Want to see Thala Ajith in sherlock holmes and james bond type of movies 🙂 – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:02PM
ajith sir is like a precious gift. we have to use him good by giving good scripts….. – Saturday, Jul 12th 12:00PM
It – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:41AM
should be styli –
sh, action comedy…We don’t want to see thala in salt nd pepper look… –
It – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:41AM
should be styli –
sh, action comedy…We don’t want to see thala in salt nd pepper look… –
We want most stylish thriller movie.thala done negative come positive role in recent movies like that we want – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:39AM
Thala has not done a horror thriller yet ! It would be amazing to see him do that flick – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:39AM
Please give a logical movie – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:33AM
please make it a mega hit movie – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:22AM
Pls give more importance to Thala’s Slim physique look& dance coreography,music dir. – Saturday, Jul 12th 11:02AM
we want salt&pepper style like MANKATHA & not VEERAM or give him BLACK HAIR. –
Hi sir I want this movie to be better than Veeram and please give thala black hair and beard! Looking mass! I hope you satisfy us thala fans 🙂 tell thala we LOVE him for life: cheers – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:53AM
Hi sir I want this movie to be better than Veeram and please give thala black hair and beard! Looking mass! I hope you satisfy us thala fans 🙂 tell thala we LOVE him for life: cheers – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:53AM
Screenplay should be fast than veeram. We want THALA to   – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:49AM
be a mass screen presence –
Telugu Mirchi kind of movie best suited for Thala.. Ur mass scenes are okay..but need more concrete script a powerful script..even #Veeram script lags a bit..Twists in the script missing..#Expected scenes nd same story lags you behind. – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:43AM
thala hair style should be black & dual role plzzzzzzzz – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:51AM
சார் டிஎஸ்பி மட்டும் வேணா _/_ – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:43AM
Expecting a cop film… – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:33AM
We Expect High Voltage Commericial film… Thla will be in Black Hair.. Music Dine by Yuvan or arr.. and all d best siva sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:36AM
we need a stylish, romantic thala. the should not have done before by thala.every girls to be attracted as surya attracted in varanam 1000. – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:30AM
Make it mass movie Sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:09AM
Daring stunt – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:15AM
this flim should make thala to next level ie kollywood superstar nxt to rajni sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 9:03AM
Movie marana mass ah irukanum – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:58AM
sir thala,ku nu oru style off movies erukuu !!!   – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:37AM
citizen mathiri oru film na yethirpakuren diff,, story erukanum songs nailla erukaramathirii yeduingaa sir plss ….! Dance pakara mathiri erukanum mass hair,, dress,, dilogs,, and last movie erukanum ! –
box office colletion nambaa 3 ,4 ,,5 list erukom 1 place varalananum 2,,3, vara mathirii oru movie ready panuingaa solli adikara mathirii diwali or pongal rel panee mass kadiralam !!! –
athu uingaa kailatha erukuu sir . –
by –
கோயம்புத்தூர்-AJITH-FANS Admin –
THala in uinnmaiyana rasigan Giri –
sir thala,ku nu oru style off movies erukuu !!!   – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:37AM
citizen mathiri oru film na yethirpakuren diff,, story erukanum songs nailla erukaramathirii yeduingaa sir plss ….! Dance pakara mathiri erukanum mass hair,, dress,, dilogs,, and last movie erukanum ! –
box office colletion nambaa 3 ,4 ,,5 list erukom 1 place varalananum 2,,3, vara mathirii oru movie ready panuingaa solli adikara mathirii diwali or pongal rel panee mass kadiralam !!! –
athu uingaa kailatha erukuu sir . –
by –
கோயம்புத்தூர்-AJITH-FANS Admin –
THala in uinnmaiyana rasigan Giri –
no expection – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:32AM
we know that the movie will be blockbuster   –
Different location and style – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:12AM
sir i like your effort what u did in the past films. i expecting not the same. i mean pls just change the story from village to city.. pls ready the script like that.. thats what all want and wann see a ajith kumar sir in a different way.. give more importance to comedy and fight..even songs and dance also. i hope u can do better. go ahead. can can (wishes by thala style) – Saturday, Jul 12th 8:02AM
Perfect horror thriller script – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:53AM
The movie should be very fast , grippy with all emotions mixed with few comedy scenes …. We do not bother about songs but the Theme music should rock rock rock rock …. – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:48AM
Picturise the songs properly this time and avoid dinesh as choreographer need shobi/robert/rajusundaram.Conc more on story and screenplay this time.Songs elam chartbusters eh varanum so dont ignore dat area.Dont reuse any scenes frm telugu movies like wat u did last time by using Attarintiki daredi nd Mirchi scenes.Film should be engaging and have goosebump moments.Avoid too much sentiment scenes.If possible shoot all songs in India itself to reduce cost.Need simultaneous rls in tamil and telugu(max summer rls) – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:33AM
Sir plz take to select deepika padukone in female lead for thala 56 – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:48AM
We are expecting good script with mass and comedy.It has to full fill the family audience eapectation especially for kids.Screenplay should be racy and introduction song is very important. – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:36AM
sir i was hardcore ajith sir fan.we want ajith sir different level acting and also different storyline for ajith sir never done before this.we expect second combo you and ajith sir will be remarkable film in ajith sir career.we expect this film will be good musical.Please live hype our expectation sir. – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:17AM
Dear Siva sir, thala can dance even more better than what he did in veeram. So I kindly request you to add more heavy steps in dance.And increase the mass element along with comedy as a complete family entertainer.All the best – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:38AM
Take your own time and give us a good commercial film. – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:27AM
Mass padam – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:07AM
We wish to see him in black hair. Finish the film as quick as possible. Pls dont write script with over dramatic. – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:01AM
Sir make an urban style movie and racy as veeram   – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:00AM
thanks a lot to joining again sir, we are in damn expectation with this combo – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:00AM
Veeram -2 that’s all – Saturday, Jul 12th 7:00AM
Vote plz – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:48AM
Thala Tharu maru – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:45AM
We don’t want DSP music . Last movie his Bgm was super but this we want yuvan or sathosh narayanan . – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:41AM
No salt and pepper please sir… Family entertainer with comedy will be good.. Coat suit um venam sir.. Pakka mass movie pannunga… We need one more block buster sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:37AM
Full Stylish and Rocking theme music requird..   – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:31AM
Every Mass scenes and Opening Songs …   –
Wish to see an young thala!! And one more thing i would like to see is an class performance like villain or varalaru his recent movies were stylish and his performances was great but its not the best from my thala so i request you to break that factor in this movie i wish to see an performance from thala which is equal to villain or varalaru the movies which showed the acting skills of my hero!!!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:18AM
Mass entertainer with twists and turns, no old story plot and no familiar one to one climax fights, no duet songs. We need trim and fit ajith with black hair, nice romance. – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:26AM
Thala – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:25AM
Salt and pepper look venam pls.. Thala looks ku yetha heroine a podunga (Don’t select heroine like tamanna, shruthi).. No need of risky stunts.. Good comedy and family entertainment movie venum sir.. All the best – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:20AM
Dir Siva sir This Film la Ajith Sir Was Mass Look la Varanum Sir Please – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:11AM
We need a city oriented stylish script – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:05AM
Not the rural script again –
Please we do not want thala to have love or anything. We want thala mass in thriller and with a social message. Maybe something to do with a gang rape and how government doesn’t take much action. – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:07AM
I love veeram except the songs with tamanna. So plz concentrate in tat. We need songs like Aegan – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:06AM
This film should gross 200crores boxoffice movie …. Thala mass katanum dir siva plz – Saturday, Jul 12th 6:10AM
DIR.SIVA sir ninga kandipa oru block buster and family entertaining movie kodunka sir atha vida romba mukiyam THALA oda mass konjam kuda kammi panirathinga sir plzzz… – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:53AM
DIR.SIVA sir ninga kandipa oru block buster and family entertaining movie kodunka sir atha vida romba mukiyam THALA oda mass konjam kuda kammi panirathinga sir plzzz… – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:53AM
Belive in Shiva sir… – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:37AM
Darling siva 🙂 Thala ye vachu super a takkara innoru Padam kuduthuru darling :)) love ya :)) – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:06AM
Movie has to be a treat to everyone – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:06AM
There should not be any flaws in the film it should potray ajith sir as a policeman then it will be mass – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:06AM
just giv a film lik veeram from start to end sir…… but try to giv a movie on lines of villain nd varalaru sir which 1 ajith ve to play a role for acting wise nd other ajith for mass…. – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:02AM
Really needed thala in dashing style. And movie to run like dabaang or sandakozhi. Either repeat like attagasam. – Saturday, Jul 12th 5:02AM
Sir..Thalaya Sema Mass ah Kaminga..Just Release the film in Thala birthday..Songs la Koncha neraya concentrate panunga plss..and to Costumes alsoo..And posters desighn ah Nala artist kita kudunga!!   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:57AM
Dialogue – Either Baradhan or E R Murugan – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:42AM
Costume: Nalini Sriram –
plz d.s.p matum vendam.., athuku padam sng ila nalum pothum – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:55AM
Thala look mass aa erukanam – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:50AM
UNexpected twist wanted –
We expecting THALA could roll on Bharati, Bharatidasan etc., Plz do Siva sir… Unga moolama sentamizh melum valaratum….   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:45AM
A stylish rural avatar ..a full n full performance and mass oriented script suiting THALA . – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:43AM
Like veeram movie type of screenplay,,, and stylise ajith,every seen need to claps,,,,,opposite fan also claps scene to scene ,,,,pls Siva Garu ,,,,also like to Telugu peoples – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:41AM
please shiva thala move name thala – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:45AM
please shiva thala move name thala – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:45AM
Thala – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:41AM
We want a mass movie like padaypapa …we need double act in which one of the role is performance oriented like villan varalaru   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:38AM
Expecting for new look – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:39AM
we want family entertainer – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:33AM
Dual role – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:19AM
விவேகானந்தர் வாழ்கை வரலாற்றை படமாக எடுத்தால், சரித்திரத்திலும் இடம் பிடிக்கும் இளைங்கர்களுக்கு பயன் உள்ளதாகவும் இருக்கும். அஜித் பொருத்தமாக இருப்பார். அஜித்க்கு சாய் பாபாவின் ஆசி உள்ளது. ஆன்மிக விருப்பம் உள்ளவர். அஜித் கண்டிப்பாக சம்மதிப்பார். – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:19AM
make satisfing second half for both common people & fans.dont give overdoze mass treatement in secondhalf for the hero because it will make average results for common sudiance. we want fresh scenes in your screenplay . telugu padam mathiri villana kaathaa vidaathenga neenga yedukurathu tamil padam k va ? neenga kalakunga siva !!! all the best !!!   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:15AM
Director sir, we want to see ajith sir, in singam full black hairs.. pls do it.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:27AM
thala dialogs plz could be important – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:20AM
We want a mass movie not much of a commercial movie   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:15AM
Sir expebting marana mass film from thala. .   – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:10AM
Title Suma Pataya Kalapanum!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:10AM
plz black hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:07AM
Dear Director Siva, – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:00AM
I know how difficult Director’s job is. Kindly sketch very good screenplay. Ajith sir never acted movie genre falls on Horror Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Action Comedy,SCi Fi, Adventure. Even now a days director with no experience like never been assistant director sketches good screenplay. Create a story like Soodhu kavvum for Ajith Sir with Mass and Comedy. Music should be Anirudh or Yuvan who knows Thala Pulse. Im sure you will rock with Screen play. In veeram everything is fine except Second half family centiments. –
we expecting pacca screen play..!!! an also keep safe our thala from stunt scene.!!!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:02AM
pls bring shankar-essan-loy ,try different genres Im expecting thriller movie – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:01AM
Please give a chance to Kavi Perarasu Vairamuthu & Singer Hariharan – Saturday, Jul 12th 4:01AM
We want high packed action entertainer with comedy.Double acting roles will be preferred.Black hair is required.Please take care in dance.No abroad costume.Climax should be thriller. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:59AM
Waiting for thala dharisanam sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:53AM
vidhiyasama thala’ iya kaatunga… idhu varaikum pakadha pola… all d best.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:47AM
hi sir !!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:41AM
we need to see our ajith sir as hollywood killer actor as like vin diesel –
please fill our expections –
ajith sir shuld go for bollywood and hollywood   –
dis s our prayer for him –
i wish ua team and combo will succeed dis tym also   –
our help is always wit u 🙂 –
make sure this flim should be differ from normal screen play type. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:38AM
yes sure – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:37AM
Ajith needs scene that he can proove his acting talent he could do much more than he is doing currently pls keep in mind when you do script luv from – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:34AM
Do a film like action and romantic family entertainer film like attarintiki daredi. Thala should be young – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:37AM
A Raw Chennai based Movie with THALA in black hair will create records.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:33AM
Make Thala to look fit, trim and in black hairs look with a new different stylish beard. No need of coat suit, provide him a casual shirts and jeans. Dont make funny dance choreography and costumes for him,make song visuals pleasant and stylish. Make it as family entertainer its very important. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:25AM
Sir, santhosh sivam (camera man) or George(raja rani)… Put anyone in thala 56… – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:27AM
dont do masala movies – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:30AM
This film like citizen …acting like varalru…style like billa mangatha…mass like veeram..this film make a history in Indian cinima ..thala look like sharp and unvelivable and stunning we need this….we need award like film…தல டாடா… – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:08AM
Offer Different screenplay, it has been a long time, since #Thala has done an out and out feel good family drama! Even #veeram had lot of villains.. I dont want any cliches.. Dont strain thala..   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:24AM
Hi sir, we want thala in his smart billa look or even mankatha look is ok – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:26AM
sir padam mass a irukkanum.veeramum mass than. ahna action masala type movie venam. either sci-fic thriller or action crime mathiri edunga .stunt coordinator & DOP recruit from hollywood sir.sonakshi sinha than thalaiku correct. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:21AM
dir siva sir u are specalist in masala movie & ajith sir was act very low masala movie so nice combo & give mass family entertainer like veeram & give importance to song selection bcoz veeram bgm was awesome but songs are average……! – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:17AM
we are all trust you sir please gave me another blockbuster with thala double acting – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:21AM
Plz get back our young thala – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:20AM
Dear siva, i want to see thala doing romantic action thriller instead of masala package in it. Black hair will help it. hope you do well !! – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:22AM
black hair.Blackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:19AM
plz we wana see our thala m black hair and a mass character like billa or negative character like vinayagham plz sir and plz   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:17AM
add yuvan as music director –
padam tharumara irukanam – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:17AM
Punch veanum neraya – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:14AM
Hello, – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:16AM
Director Siva –
As a huge Thala fan as much you do, we expect a great entertainer from you, your Siruthai dialague, screenplay still remain Epic, those modulation from an actor to deliver their dialogue was well capture and executed. –
Also to Mention, Veeram, a very Mass yet very underplayed character after the Interval, we as a Thala fan always wanted to see Thala playing hardcore character and delivering powerful dialogue!   –
Yet you never failed to impress us in Veeram, we loved the movie and ite very close to our Heart! –
We Thank You! –
P/S : As i would like to see Thala in Horror Thriller , you may consider for any other genre, please bring out the most best of Thala, i personally believe Thala have capability to become next generation Kamal Hassan with a right choosing of character and Rajnikanth in the making with choosing a Mass appealing Script ! –
We have faith in Thala as much as in You, “Siruthai” n “Veeram” have never failed us! –
Thank You. –
Brahma Raj –
Sama ah pannuga sir neega adhudhale nallathan erukum   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:13AM
I would like u 2 give a fresh look 2 Thala.. Which v fans will go wow after seeing it!!!!! Romantic padam kudanga rombo nal acchi Enga Thala ya andha madhiri pathu 😉 – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:10AM
Make thala to look trim and fit its very important and concentrate on his costumes, especially in song sequences. Don’t make funny dance steps for him. make thala’s character as young or around 30s. give him black hair getup and any different style beard look. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:07AM
wat ever it may b but during risky stunt our thala should b save… plz shiva take care of tat or better avoid such a risky stunts… after veeram my expectation is at peak level… luv u sir… v r waiting… – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:09AM
Do the best for Thala ❤ – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:09AM
music by arr or anirudh – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:10AM
We expecte entire mass movie like dheena. No need over sentiment. But sentiment is required. Songs should be mega hit.   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:05AM
No copy work ! Dual role one hero the other villain !! No andhra style making !! Film should be biggest blockbuster – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:09AM
Namma thala love romance panni romba nal achu.. so kadhal mannan ajith sir pola again movie pannanum – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:04AM
No copy work ! Dual role one hero the other villain !! No andhra style making !! Film should be biggest blockbuster – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:03AM
Mass scenes required like deena and amarkkalam   – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:05AM
it must be a musical crime thriller …must be classy and mass – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:00AM
Please this film should be a sort of movie that other actors cannot even imagine of doing. Thala should be portrayed in a stylish manner – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:43AM
as thala 55 gonna be a class mobies, next should attract common audience , juz need a gud entertainer which increases thala’s commercial area … santhanam must … – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:58AM
movie must be mass & class.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 3:00AM
Slim n sleek thala like vaali – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:59AM
We need action crime story from you where Ajith playing a character role not like a mass hero alone.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:58AM
Need dual role…we want to see vera madiri thala…should be more masss and little class…Dont want salt and pepper style…Sir take care of thala costumes especially in songs…all the best sir take ur own time… – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:55AM
Neenga ethini naal venumanalum shooting edhuthukonga thala iyea bathirama parthukonga sir and movie may 1 release aga veiyunga heroine Trisha nayantara kajal la yarua irundhalum okay – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:51AM
-sharath ROCK kumar –
Sir please show thala as in vaali type..we need both thala as villain and hero but no salt and pepper..the movie should be loved by all fans not only by our beloved thala fans..villain should have beard.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:50AM
expecting rural romantic story with nayanthara and also thriller movie – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:53AM
Repeat VEERAM magic – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:48AM
yethum solli than seiyanymunu illa yellam ungaluke therium VEERAM siva sir getha massa and the same time comedy + sentiment   – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:44AM
we want another mass family entertainment movie from you sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:45AM
Better movie than Veeram – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:42AM
We want mass mivie for thala like padayappa. A script which cap thala’s mass fully. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:40AM
make it simple ….masssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss+ classsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:38AM
Sir make Thala56 as a Action Thriller with pure mass and class 🙂 – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:39AM
we want our thala in totally different kind of city based action comedy film sir.. we all are confident in u sir.. all the best for thala56 🙂 rock on sir 🙂 – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:08AM
Thala56 should be a complete family drama with high amount of action and comedy. we should pull the family audience and children.Black hair must. One more humble request shooting should happen in Tamilnadu itself, if u shoot in other states it will affect the nativity. Thanks. All the best. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:31AM
please use black hair – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:36AM
Expecting an awesome entertainer with more logic and great screenplay. Veeram was entertaining but need more tweaks here and there..please fix all flaws and work for an energetic output that needs to throw away singal like craps from suriya. All the best..Sai Sai – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:24AM
want stylish movie with right amount of comedy and action. Movie should be racy with max. run time of 2.10min. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:27AM
Totallly different moovie where story should be the hero – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:32AM
Please engage Yuvan – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:29AM
billa 1&2 dheena mankatha Arrambam Yuvan Thala combo rocked –
It really works . Pls we WA r Yuvan   –
Pakka Family Entertainment that it like Veeram and Siruthai – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:27AM
MANKATHA mathiri venum……. semma katha ready pannunga with mass scenes for thala… pls try like mankatha – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:29AM
sir…thara local ah padam pannunga – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:24AM
Would lke to c Thala in blackhair nd to focus more on song sequence nd costumes.. Want all the scenes including songs shot in taminadu/India – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:24AM
Mass, must take care of costumes, choreography with masters like kalyan, robert, raju sundaram.. they knows thala very well & do their best .. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:24AM
Black hair MUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:23AM
Totally it should be package of all – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:23AM
Sir Pls take movie like die hard or mission impossible…adventure kind of movie or action spy..Pls Pls.. – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:23AM
It would be great if thala56 team choose others md rather than dsp. Pls pls – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:22AM
thala + shiva = superhit – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:19AM
u said ur fav film of ajith is villain nd varlaru, these both r commercial landmark films of him so excepting a film lik tis from u sir……. THIS FILM SHOULD B A BLOCKBUSTER THAN VEERAM…. V WANT A FAMILY COMMERCIAL ACTION COMEDY FILM SIR………….. THANKS N ADVANCE – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:09AM
1st thing ..thala elaraiyum atagasam…and Diff getup….and most stylish dresses – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:15AM
Sir trying to avoid get up like veeram second half thala get up and avoid songs like thangamaey thangamey. Padam mass katunga sar. Try to rls soon – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:14AM
Do in ur own style… – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:15AM
Sir,please make it bigger than veeram, we want a pudupettai kind of loca thala film 🙂 – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:15AM
We do not want a typical village subject from you.. We need a change over – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:15AM
Awaiting annamalai like film which has equal comedy, action, sentiment, romance everything..:) – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:06AM
Nothing. Mass Kaatunga. Thala Irukka Bayam En?   – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:11AM
Therikka vidunga sir 😉 – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:10AM
Want Something interesting script sir… – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:08AM
Tis time we need strong story nd interesting screenplay wit gud twists!! Mass theme nd action sequences.. Thala nadanthu varumpodhu theme therikanum!! – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:07AM
Mass kaatunga sir – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:07AM
Need Twists n turns with Fast screenpaly – Saturday, Jul 12th 2:06AM
No need to indulge songs purposely –
Need fastest screen play – Friday, Jul 11th 4:01PM

Thank you  participants & readers of this Survey article ..


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