Movie Reviewing


Dear Aspiring Reviewers of Social Media,

2014 sets good note to all Star casts of all ages to mark success, starting from The Young Boys (Golisoda), or to say The Senior Grandpa (Manjapai), & recently the admiration towards the negative smartness of the Middle aged scoundrels (Sathuranga Vettai, Jigarthanda) etc., etc.,

This has been possible & more easy with the first impression that makes the best & worst fate of the film. Ie., the 1st review that enters the Social Media somewhere from Overseas. & through medias.

The same reviews have also made measurable disasters to movies, which the attached video will explain you better. [Watch Video Now]

[After watching the Video] Hence , Barring your admiration to a particular hero, Pls ensure your Personal view on the movie and its comments (reviews) cover the Positive & Negative truly.

Incase, you find the total movie has disappointed you personally, Pls do Comment 100% as you feel & move on. But Don’t keep campaigning against repeatedly. Reason a Particular movie will differ in its taste to a Rural & Urban Guy, will differ between a Child and a parents, will differ between teens & old aged people. Etc., etc., you can keep categorizing audience into 4 types if you go in detail as little covered in the seen video.

Aug ~ Dec is lined up with Top Commercial hero where trade makes huge bet on them.

Releases of Surya(Anjaan), Vikram(AI), Kamalhassan(UttamaVillain), Vijay(kaththi), Rajini(Lingaa) & Ajith(Thala55). So the respective fans & competitor fans play a big impact more than the neutral audience. Where as for non-commercial hero movies, the neutral audience play a vital role & Hence Golisoda, Majapai, SathurangaVettai, Jigarthanda with good script made easy way for success with oneness opinion coming from all around.

A good film should be appreciated n times & A Bad film should be accepted 1 time.

Happy Viewing !!


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