Chinmayi – The New “Chi Chi” mayi

Dear Social Media Friends,

Hope this message will articulate the General Public and show the Real face of many so called Public Celebrities or Public known popular name holders…

Ajith Vs Vijay:

The Worst revenge attitude happens between these 2 fans in any social Media. The Root cause is like finding Nathimoolam or Rishimoolam (Untraceable) but for sure you can differentiate the attitude between these two fans, taking 2 Celebrity as example to know how these Fans are.

Premji : He portrayed Ajith and for his post,  Vijay fans trolled him & Preamji gave it back to each offender. In this Preamji never trolled Vijay and trolled only Fans who initiated troll against his Ajith Potrayal tweet

Chinmayi : She made a Direct Hit on Ajith for not giving a Ring ( Indirectly saying it was a rumor and did in a way of attention seeking),


As a Celebrity, She became the smoke for Fans flaming each other & also tweeted that she did for fun. It shows the mean attitude to get publicity stunt with a inferiority complex post marriage. Such incidents from here is not new as it has happened earlier also in twitter history and people are aware of such Non-Sense happening from her end.

Now there were many Vijay Fans who volunteered her tweet as Ajith fans and got further bad name to Ajith Fans group. She knew that they are Vijay Fans but felicitated it purposely and ignored genuine advise to her from Public who cautioned her to check profile History (past tweets) and then reply. She gave sarcastic replies that is in her TL.

When a Fan says Chinmayi that your tweets will troll against Ajith Fans (By Vijay Fans), She answer, She will sing along… She is the catalyst for the rift. You may call this coming from a Public Person as Attitude disorder.


Let me quote a General tweet of her to show her Attitude disorder.


Did you find any courtesy from Chinmayi ? You will get the Answer yourself

I am sure you will say it is Not the Reel Life Melody Queen Chinmayi .. It is Real life Chi Chi Mayi / ச்சி.. ச்சி மயி(Err 404) ..


Thanks for Reading.. Pls RT and Share…


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