A Fan Open Letter to AYNGARAN


Open letter to Ayngaran

We know your collaboration with LYCA and we know very well LYCA background. In UK the business for Tamil films is maximum 2 to 3 crore as per current trend. So It won’t affect the BO status of any films_

For Tamil films Tamilnadu & Rest of India is the main territory. By seeing the Ayngaran &L YCA report attitude, it is very evident that you are against few Tamil top actor films. We understand that Actor Vijay is doing one film with Ayngaran & LYCA collaboration after every 3 film. Example Villu, Kaththi etc. This is your own business which we don’t want involve. In last Pongal, you are the Distributor for both Jilla and Veeram in UK. More screens have been allocated for Jilla than Veeram for the first Pongal weekend. Though the WOM is good for Veeram, the screen counts not increased for Veeram for the 2″‘ Weekend. Despite mixed WOM, Jilla retained all screens for the 20 weekend. Here We noted one thing that the Film Kaththi was under production during Jilla release and you are the co-producer along with LYCA. Again this is your own business as Ajith Fans we don’t want involve. Because, we Ajith Fans Believe in “LIVE & LET LIVE” Policy.

We come to Current scenario of YENNAIARINDHAAL performance at UK. YA j5. doing good business in local & all overseas market except Ayngaran/LYCA belt which is EUROPE. The Weather in US is very cold despite that YA did extraordinary business for 4 days. The scenario is same in other overseas market like AUS, NZ,GULF.. etc.

The reasons for poor performance in UK is piracy (the HD print is released in local la having 100000 subscribers) even before release, low screen counts, not releasing the movie in main screens, improper planning in schedules etc. Again this is your own business and Ajith Fans won’t involve except the piracy in local TV. Since the business is 1 to 2 crore, its nothing for Ayngaran but will recover that in many ways. 1st Veeram now YennaiArindhaal. Both are different producers. So this is not against Producers, but against Ajith kumar and happening only at Europe.

If UK is WOLF territory, TN is LION territory. UK business is maximum 2 to 3 crores. TN Business is 40 to 50 Crore. WOLF can play only at its territory called “KUNDU sArn’i. But, LION can play at a any territory. We noted that Ayngaran/LYCA to produce more direct Tamil films in near future. Note that you have to come to LION territory that time.

So go with “LIVE & LET LIVE” policy which is universally accepts: policy morally & legally.

Ajith is not a right person where you can do your dirty politics for your immoral personal goals.

U cannot bend him by such third rated politics. There are Actors in line with your mentality/ambitions will do anything for everything. So approach them. Leave Ajith as him. Again LIVE & LET LIVE. This is not order, just request.

Souce : http://s27.postimg.org/3st9vlopf/Fan_Letter_to_Ayngaran.jpg


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