ARRAMBAM – Road to Block Buster – A Sneak PREVIEW



The Simple Reason for ARRAMBAM  to become “The Block Buster of the year 2013” is AJIT, AJIT & AJIT… Though it looks like Conclusion, let me start from the “Beginning” …

Now, let me wake my thoughts for General Audience & criticizers with a Sneak Preview of the above Movie, before its release.


AJIT is running with High spirit of cheers in his 22nd year of FIlm Journey and ARRAMBAM marks his 53rd Film.

He is back to Big screen almost after 18 Months ( Precise one & half years). From the day of his entry to Tamil Cinema, he grew as an true inspiration to every youth & the fever continues till today. Those  Heroism picture of other actors in “Reel” life has been taken one step ahead by Thala Ajith by proving a True “REEL & REAL” life HERO.

In Tamil Cinema, Thala can be named along with very few, who have 360° admiration from both inside and outside the entertainment industry, which clearly proves AJIT- “The King of Kings “

Now, Coming to Arrambam, It has been well noted that Ajith has dedicated him self to become Fit to Fittest by shedding lot of Kilos by working 6-7 hours a day bearing all his past Spinal injuries and surgeries. In this movie, he has also risked his life and got injured himself , which resulted in leg ligament tear, that appreciated Immediate Medical Surgery. But, Thala took a call to continue his current Project, to just ensure that the producer of this film does not undergo any financial risk or  delays. What more a man can do and If at all it can be done, it can be only 1 Man doing this – It is none other than Thala AJITH. Few Pictures below will speak for itself


The “A” factor is what people love to see through this (U) Matter Movie (Family Movie, as certified)

Credit to Mr.Vishnuvardhan, who has carefully knitted this Censor Certificate (U).


Vishnuvardhan : The Captain, who Maintain d silence, Reason : His work speaks more than him

He is know as the most stylish director of today’s Cinema and has well rooted his experience both in Tamil and Telugu Film Industry and hence his directional venture will fetch volume of general audience in these 2 states. He did many Patch work to Match the work of Hollywood & it is evident through the trailer itself. No Wonder if he does an Hollywood film as he levels those content effectively.


He can also be Called as RATNAM of Tamil Cinema, reason he is known for making costly Big Budgeted Films with Top Actors of that Decade. Working under his banner is the biggest dream of any actor who is on 4th or 5th line to Race.  He can be called as the Oak of Kollywood  as he has well routed his foundation in this entertainment trade business. This gives more confidence to distributors and theater owners to Release his film as they have tasted success and more success with AMR’s Projects.


Metukku Ivan, Adhan Yuvan (மெட்டுக்கு இவன் அதான் யுவன்)

As the lines say, He is the Pulse of Today’s Youth and know what beat will heat the trade. He conquers his fathers path in both BGM and gives the beauty to the ears with his Songs.

“He is Always on demand and He becomes more Command, when joining with Thala”

Already ARRAMBAM songs are topping the charts and had created record for long standing in Indian itunes stores (representing the 1st Tamil film to do so for weeks together standing at No:1 in the charts) .

The Music album created more demand via e business Channel. For example, website like Flipcart, 600024 & Amazon etc., had sold good volume of ARRAMBAM ALBUM, when compared with as on date other releases. Again Arrambam sets a Trend through various such positive biz channels that helps to save Music Piracy.

And Not to be forgotten, Ajith fans have proved their loyalty with 1 more classic example by purchasing the Orginal CD in respective location stores,  in above to the curiosity of hearing it via online during the hour of the Album release.

The audio CD shops across Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka were with full celebrations crowing their Shop roofs with banners, garlands and Milk-abishekams, where Fans were dancing to the tune in front of the Music store.    few images herewith shows the mood of Fans at the time…



SUBA –  known for their duo successful works n earlier films like AYAN & KO and now in Arrambam they have penned Sharp dialogues with No Punch lines* (which welcomes to all kind of audience )

As requested by Ajith not to pressurize unwanted Heroism and punch lines that oversflow the concentration of the Story.

OM – The later Joiner to Arrambam team has added color to the Project which is well evident in trailer itself, He has pictured and portrayed the “360° Charisma” of Thala in his stylish perfect angle.

SREEKAR PRASAD – The main person who is responsible for the continuity of the frames, though his core job is CUTs. He needs no introduction as he is

  • 8 times National award winner,
  • 5 Kerala state awards,
  • 2 Film fare and
  • 2 nandhi award.

What can u expect from him ? His work speaks more and we can expect for sure that Arrambam joins the National Award Race once again through him.

ANUVARDHAN – She was staged & lovely cornered  with 1 question in Vijay Awards, Who is Handsome – Vishnu(your Hubby) or Thala Ajit, with no matter of time, she told it is Thala ajith that raved the crowd as an acknowledgement.

She is behind to show Thala Smart, Commanding and naked to say here – “More Sexy too” and each Stills of Arrambam proves that.

She made proud to Blazer & Goggles via Billa and now audience can see Thala – a brand to himself & Mrs.ANUVARDHAN being behind this.


Lee Whitaker (Hollyood stunt men) , Keecha (Thuppaki,Vishwaroopam), & Tinu varma + Jagan(Billa fame) the Hollywood expertize are here in Arrambam to make Thala bolt his Jolts to add Hi-Voltage Action sequences.

Special to Mention are the 5 major Action

  1. Ajith + Rana in Bombay (Keecha),
  2. Boat chase ( Dubai – Lee )
  3. Car Rolling ,
  4. Jumping of the Police car (when thala got hurt) and
  5. The final Kulumanali Climax fight

& still more suspense available on big Screen as a feast to all.


Arya and taapsee add the Romantic part that fulfills the expectations of other General audience and family and portrayed in comical way ( esp in song En fusu poochu ) and sensible way that gels with the story line,

Nayanthaara comes back to make her second innings by signing ARRAMBAM as her first film and assures the family audience the required sentiment grinned for the story with AJITH


Any actor would expect he should have a fan like Ajith, the reason being, they have  proved from Day 1 of Thala entry to Tamil Cinema and Made Thala “THE King of Opening”, which is UNBEATABLE till today by any big actor and now with Arrambam he will become the “God of Opening” for ever.

Also, Interestingly, this Army has trended #Arrambam “World wide” on the day of Title announcement ie., 24th July 2013, which is the first Tag from Indian Cinema to do so. A Trend set by Ajith and his fans.

To prove this, there has been many articles in The Hindu, Times of India, Kumudam stating Many hastags# related with Ajith are getting World wide and All India trend – quite often  and the reason behind this are “Thala Fans”. This Credit proves that ” THALA IS THE KING OF SOCIAL MEDIA TOO”

Few Major Hastags that trended WORLD WIDE are

  1. #arrambam
  2. #arrambamofficialtrailerinyoutuberocks
  3. #AjithYuvanRockingArrambamAlbumFromSep19
  4. #AjithsRockingArrambamAlbumFromTomorrow
  5. #MyDearThalaAjith
  6. #AlbumOfTheYearArrambam
  7. #IndiasAnswerToHollywoodStarsAJITHKUMAR
  8. #MankathaDay
  9. #MostAnticipatedFlickArrambamThisDiwali

& Many more that trended days after days in All india..

Now What more you need to make “ARRAMBAM” a True ஆரம்பம் to break existing Records and create a New Record every where. Recent screen counts in Overseas markets like UK, USA, France, Malaysia and also Indian neighboring states are the witness to this Overwhelming recording breaking progress. The Big Gaint Players (distributors) have come together to handle this Single LION roaring high in ARRAMBAM. The above clearly indicates that the Box-Office Records is well set as the Ring Master Mr.Vishnuvardhan has set the Entertainment perfect for the all kind of Audience & thus proving that “ARRAMBAM” is  the Sure SHOT Winner of This Diwali 2013

So get ready for Diwali, which “Begins” early on Oct 31 itself &

Enjoy the Biggest SARAVEDI “ARRAMBAM” making SOUNDS in Box Office Collection.

End let me symbolically conclude ….


Thanks !!

Itss Kamal ( @kamaljii )


Kind note  : The above article is posted on 20th Oct 2013 and same day night, Mr.Vishnuvardhan had appreciated the above PREVIEW and congradulated me. Followed by Asst Director Karthik.. I remain thankfor for their kind gesture showered on this debut article. Much motivated and got a new platform overall with new contacts. Shall travel this way too.. 🙂



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