A Fan Open Letter to AYNGARAN


Open letter to Ayngaran

We know your collaboration with LYCA and we know very well LYCA background. In UK the business for Tamil films is maximum 2 to 3 crore as per current trend. So It won’t affect the BO status of any films_

For Tamil films Tamilnadu & Rest of India is the main territory. By seeing the Ayngaran &L YCA report attitude, it is very evident that you are against few Tamil top actor films. We understand that Actor Vijay is doing one film with Ayngaran & LYCA collaboration after every 3 film. Example Villu, Kaththi etc. This is your own business which we don’t want involve. In last Pongal, you are the Distributor for both Jilla and Veeram in UK. More screens have been allocated for Jilla than Veeram for the first Pongal weekend. Though the WOM is good for Veeram, the screen counts not increased for Veeram for the 2″‘ Weekend. Despite mixed WOM, Jilla retained all screens for the 20 weekend. Here We noted one thing that the Film Kaththi was under production during Jilla release and you are the co-producer along with LYCA. Again this is your own business as Ajith Fans we don’t want involve. Because, we Ajith Fans Believe in “LIVE & LET LIVE” Policy.

We come to Current scenario of YENNAIARINDHAAL performance at UK. YA j5. doing good business in local & all overseas market except Ayngaran/LYCA belt which is EUROPE. The Weather in US is very cold despite that YA did extraordinary business for 4 days. The scenario is same in other overseas market like AUS, NZ,GULF.. etc.

The reasons for poor performance in UK is piracy (the HD print is released in local la having 100000 subscribers) even before release, low screen counts, not releasing the movie in main screens, improper planning in schedules etc. Again this is your own business and Ajith Fans won’t involve except the piracy in local TV. Since the business is 1 to 2 crore, its nothing for Ayngaran but will recover that in many ways. 1st Veeram now YennaiArindhaal. Both are different producers. So this is not against Producers, but against Ajith kumar and happening only at Europe.

If UK is WOLF territory, TN is LION territory. UK business is maximum 2 to 3 crores. TN Business is 40 to 50 Crore. WOLF can play only at its territory called “KUNDU sArn’i. But, LION can play at a any territory. We noted that Ayngaran/LYCA to produce more direct Tamil films in near future. Note that you have to come to LION territory that time.

So go with “LIVE & LET LIVE” policy which is universally accepts: policy morally & legally.

Ajith is not a right person where you can do your dirty politics for your immoral personal goals.

U cannot bend him by such third rated politics. There are Actors in line with your mentality/ambitions will do anything for everything. So approach them. Leave Ajith as him. Again LIVE & LET LIVE. This is not order, just request.

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Chinmayi – The New “Chi Chi” mayi

Dear Social Media Friends,

Hope this message will articulate the General Public and show the Real face of many so called Public Celebrities or Public known popular name holders…

Ajith Vs Vijay:

The Worst revenge attitude happens between these 2 fans in any social Media. The Root cause is like finding Nathimoolam or Rishimoolam (Untraceable) but for sure you can differentiate the attitude between these two fans, taking 2 Celebrity as example to know how these Fans are.

Premji : He portrayed Ajith and for his post,  Vijay fans trolled him & Preamji gave it back to each offender. In this Preamji never trolled Vijay and trolled only Fans who initiated troll against his Ajith Potrayal tweet

Chinmayi : She made a Direct Hit on Ajith for not giving a Ring ( Indirectly saying it was a rumor and did in a way of attention seeking),


As a Celebrity, She became the smoke for Fans flaming each other & also tweeted that she did for fun. It shows the mean attitude to get publicity stunt with a inferiority complex post marriage. Such incidents from here is not new as it has happened earlier also in twitter history and people are aware of such Non-Sense happening from her end.

Now there were many Vijay Fans who volunteered her tweet as Ajith fans and got further bad name to Ajith Fans group. She knew that they are Vijay Fans but felicitated it purposely and ignored genuine advise to her from Public who cautioned her to check profile History (past tweets) and then reply. She gave sarcastic replies that is in her TL.

When a Fan says Chinmayi that your tweets will troll against Ajith Fans (By Vijay Fans), She answer, She will sing along… She is the catalyst for the rift. You may call this coming from a Public Person as Attitude disorder.


Let me quote a General tweet of her to show her Attitude disorder.


Did you find any courtesy from Chinmayi ? You will get the Answer yourself

I am sure you will say it is Not the Reel Life Melody Queen Chinmayi .. It is Real life Chi Chi Mayi / ச்சி.. ச்சி மயி(Err 404) ..


Thanks for Reading.. Pls RT and Share…

YSR Sings for STR

Yuvan Shankar Raja Sings for Silambarasan Thesingu Rajendar for the upcoming Movie “Idhu Namma Aalu” where Simbu’s brother Kuralarasan debuts as a Music Director for the film. The Film has Simbu, Nayanthara & Santhanam as the main lead cast and is writted & directed by ‘Pasanga’ fame Pandiraj under Simbu Cine Arts (Home Production of STR) & is slated for Feb’15 release.

Now with the Surprise that the Best Duos Yuvan & Simbu have joined for a song in INA movie will be a additional treat for Yuvan/Simbu Fans as the Hit Combo has worked together earlier and have given Block Buster Hits like Manmathan, Silambattam, Vallavan and Vaanam.

Simbu tweets confirmed the above via his twitter page

3 1—————-

For ChennaiTakies..

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TRP stands for Televesion Rating Points. It is a tool that helps find out which television programmes are viewed the most. A device called the ‘People’s meter’ is attached to the TV sets in a few thousand viewers houses for calculating this. These numbers are treated as the sample. The ‘People’s meter’ actually records the time and the programme that a viewer watches on a particular day.

In India INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the electronic rating agency which does this work. INTAM uses two methodologies for calculating TRP.

  • The first is frequency monitoring, in which ‘people meters’ are installed in sample homes and these electronic gadgets continuously record data about the channel watched by the family members. ‘People meter’ is a costly equipment, which is imported from abroad. It reads the frequencies of channels, which are later, decoded into the name of the channels and the agency prepares a national data on the basis of its sample homes readings. But there is a drawback in the technique, as cable operators frequently change the frequencies of the different channels before sending signals to the homes. It may be very misleading to read a channel according to a particular frequency even if the down linking frequency is same all over India.
  • Second technique is more reliable and relatively new to India. In picture matching technique people meter continuously records a small portion of the picture that is being watched on that particular television set. Along with this agency also records all the channels’ data in the form of small picture portion. Data collected from the sample homes is later on matched with the main data bank to interpret the channel name. And this way national rating is produced. 

Softwares that TAM Uses


Thanks & Regards

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Movie Reviewing


Dear Aspiring Reviewers of Social Media,

2014 sets good note to all Star casts of all ages to mark success, starting from The Young Boys (Golisoda), or to say The Senior Grandpa (Manjapai), & recently the admiration towards the negative smartness of the Middle aged scoundrels (Sathuranga Vettai, Jigarthanda) etc., etc.,

This has been possible & more easy with the first impression that makes the best & worst fate of the film. Ie., the 1st review that enters the Social Media somewhere from Overseas. & through medias.

The same reviews have also made measurable disasters to movies, which the attached video will explain you better. [Watch Video Now]

[After watching the Video] Hence , Barring your admiration to a particular hero, Pls ensure your Personal view on the movie and its comments (reviews) cover the Positive & Negative truly.

Incase, you find the total movie has disappointed you personally, Pls do Comment 100% as you feel & move on. But Don’t keep campaigning against repeatedly. Reason a Particular movie will differ in its taste to a Rural & Urban Guy, will differ between a Child and a parents, will differ between teens & old aged people. Etc., etc., you can keep categorizing audience into 4 types if you go in detail as little covered in the seen video.

Aug ~ Dec is lined up with Top Commercial hero where trade makes huge bet on them.

Releases of Surya(Anjaan), Vikram(AI), Kamalhassan(UttamaVillain), Vijay(kaththi), Rajini(Lingaa) & Ajith(Thala55). So the respective fans & competitor fans play a big impact more than the neutral audience. Where as for non-commercial hero movies, the neutral audience play a vital role & Hence Golisoda, Majapai, SathurangaVettai, Jigarthanda with good script made easy way for success with oneness opinion coming from all around.

A good film should be appreciated n times & A Bad film should be accepted 1 time.

Happy Viewing !!



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1993-யில் ஆரம்பம் ஆனது உன் சினிமா பயணம். நீ வருவாய் என காத்திருந்த புது இயக்குனர்களுக்கு நீ ஆனந்த பூங்காற்றாய் வாய்புகள் வீசினாய், அவர்களுக்கு முகவரி என்ற ஒன்றை தந்தாய்.

அமராவதியில் தொடங்கிய உன் தமிழ் பயணம், இங்குள்ள ரெட்டை ஜடை வயசுள்ள எல்லா வான்மதிகளுக்கும் ஆசை நாயகனாக மாற்றியது, பின், அவர்களின் காதல் கோட்டையின் ரெட் அர்டினின் அம்பை விட்ட மன்மத ராஜா வாக உல்லாசமாய் உலவசெயதது. இதனால் எல்லா கல்லூரி வாசலிலும், பெண்களின் காதல் மன்னன் நீ தான் என்றானது. இது  அன்றும் இன்றும் என்றும் நிலையை நிற்கிறது.

இதற்கு இன்னொரு உதாரணம், இன்று வரை எல்லா பெண்களும் தனது மைனர் மாப்பிள்ளை அஜித் போல இருக்க வேண்டும் என்ற கண்டிப்பை  பெற்றோரிடம் வைக்கும் பொழுது தெளிகிறது.
இப்படி சாம்ற்றாட் அசோகனை போல எல்லா இதயங்களையும் பவித்திரமாய் ஆட்கொண்டாய் அஜித் அவர்களே ..

இந்த பயணத்தில், வணிகரீதியாக, உன்னை தேடி வந்த அத்தனை தயாரிப்பாளருக்கும் நீ திருப்தி ஆழ்வார் போல் பணம் மழை பெய்தாய். உன்னை நாடிய அனைவரும் , ராஜாவின் பார்வையை கண்டுகொண்டேன் கண்டுகொண்டேன் என்று ஊரெல்லாம் புகழ்ந்தனர்… மகிழ்ந்தனர் … எனில் உன் ராசி அப்படி.. யோகா ரசி …

தமிழ் திரை உலகின் உச்ச நாயகன் என்ற கிரீடம் உன்னை அடைந்ததில் பெருமை கொள்கிறது .. அதுவே நிறந்திரமானது உன் தலையில்

இவ்வாறு, அட்டகாசமாய் ஜொலித்தது “அஜித்” என்ற ஓர் மந்திர சொல் பூவி எங்கும்..

அதை இன்னும் அமர்க்களம் படுத்த,
அவள் வருவாள என்ற ஒலித்த உங்கள் நேசத்துக்கு,  “பேபி ஷாலினி”, அவர்கள் மனைவியாய், உன்னை கொடு என்னை தருவேன் என்றார்..
இதற்கு ஏற்றார் போல் இரு மணகளுமே  உன்னிடத்தில் என்னை கொடுதேன்  என்ற ஒரே காதல் எண்ணத்தோடு உயிரோடு உயிராக கலந்தது அன்று (24.04.2000) மணமேடையில்.

நீங்கள், இன்று வாழும் எல்லா தம்பதியனர்களுக்கும்  ஓர் சிறந்த உதாரணம். காரணம், என் வீடு என் கணவர் என்று இருக்கும் சராசரி குடும்ப பெண் போல் இல்லாமல், (ஷாலினி) அவர்களின் திறமைக்கு மதிப்பு கொடுத்து, பாட்மிட்டன் விளையாட்டில் அவர்களை ஊக்குவித்த குரு ஜி நீ மற்றும் ஆசன ஏகன் நீ என்பதில் ஐயம் இல்லை …

பொது வாழ்விழும், நீ ஒரு சிறந்த ரோல் மாடல்.
ஏர்போர்ட், கல்வி கற்கும் பள்ளியில் , வாக்கு பதியும் வளாகத்தில் நீர் வருசையில் நின்று ஒரு சாதாரண குடிமகன் போல நடந்து கொண்டாய். இது நட்சத்திர இடத்தில இருந்தும், ஒரு நல்ல சிடிசன் என்பதை உணர்த்தும், ஓர் சிறந்த உதாரணம். உன் ரசிகர்களும் இந்த வழி முறையை பின்பற்றுவர்.

கொடையில், நீ அள்ளித்தரும் தரும், ஒரு அட்சய வாலி ..  இதை நீ மறைத்தாலும் , உன் பாசமலர் கொண்ட மீடியாக்கள், பூவெல்லாம்   உன் வாசம் வீசும்மாறு செய்துவிடுகிறார்கள் .. அசல் நாயகனே …உன்  கொடை வாழ்க.. உன் வெற்றி நடை தொடர்க ..

மேதையாக இருந்தும், மேடை ஏற நீ முறுபாய்.. அப்படி வந்தால், பரமசிவனை போல் உன் நெற்றி கண்ணை திறந்து உண்மையாய் உரைப்பாய்.
ஆஞ்செனெயனை போல்,   இந்த தமிழ் நாடு கண்டெடுத்த வீரதிருமகன் நீ !!

இந்த தீனா-வை வீழ்த்த எந்த பகைவனும் இன்னும் பிறக்க வில்லை,
இந்த பில்லாவை ஜெய்க்க  எந்த வில்லனும் இன்னும் முலைக்கவும்  இல்லை.

நீ ஒரு “வாழும் வரலாறு” …

ஜனனம் மரணம் – உன் ரசிகர்கள் என்றும் உன்னிடம்..


ஒரு ரசிகன்…

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Before we get into the Movie Review, CT takes privilege to Congratulate Actor Dhanush alies Venkat Prabhu on his 25th Film “VIP”, which is achieved in just 12 years at this “Survival of the Fittest” Period of Film Industry.

He marks his feet to be one of the Countable Persons from Tamil Cinema to take a noted Attention from Bollywood industry and WOW the Internal Audience for well known Reason.

His versatility has been proved to be a Successful Actor, Lyricist, Singer and Producer with one among the Top & upcoming hero in Kollywood & Bollywood respectively.

Aged 30, He is a National Award Winner at 27 & has asserted himself with 27 other awards as recognition to his professional career.

Known for his Personal self-discipline & Professional time commitment, he essayed this Big Success with tint of his pure dedication and hard work.

As a Believer of God, Let Dhanush taste the Pink of Health with family and walk the Red carpet of Victory in his rest of Life.


Cast : Dhanush, Amalapaul, Samuthrakani, Saranya Ponvanan, Vivek as Main Roles.

Written & Directed by : Velraj

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

DOP : ArunBabu

Editor : MV Rajesh Kumar

Banner : Wunderbar Films (Dhanush Home Production)


First Half : Graduated Engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush) linger to get his passionate career & undergoes embarrassment form Home to streets of Rome & finally gets it on Post Interval with a Serious Note prior falling at Interval. Romance & Witty Laughable Punchlines garnishes for an hour.

Second Half : After getting his passionate much awaited career, there he gets the real challenge to win his Job task. Vivek appears here to keep the phase balanced on the serious second half that has laudable punchlines.

Climax : Ends Positive favoring hero with loose logics. But still Audience will enjoy it. Especially the Villain & Dhanush conversation (after Climax Fight sequence)

Cast Performance :

Dhanush : masters it though some frame replicates his previous movies. But you find Acting Dating Dhanush honestly with perfection. He wins and runs the movie at its required phase.

AmalaPaul : Pleasant first half and Absent second half.

Vivek : After Naan thaan bala, he comes as a refreshment Cola in 2nd half and pins the frames flawless with his  Manager Cell Murugan.

Samuthrakan : As a father shows a real responsible feel of a Middle class Family.

Saranya Ponvanan : She does not need introduction to her acting, expression, comical presence and witty sense as she replicates in VIP too.

The Villain dialogue delivery is apt that suits how a Richy Filthy guy would speak, keeping his status quo.

Script & Screen Play from the Director :

Velraj, the Cinematographer has travelled equally with Danush in Pollathavan, Aadukalam, 3(Three), Nayaandi & now again as a debut director in VIP, which is also initiated by Dhanush.

This shows the Chemistry workout from lens to Pens of Velraj.

Velraj, has a notable appreciation for his screen play to keep the Serious note of interval short and sweet without loosing the seriousness but at the same time engaging the audience into the script.

The 1st half looks too short & 2nd Half looks too long inspite of having only 133 mins as the Run time. There could have been a balance in script narration.

Though there are several illogical frames that favors only hero, still commercially it passes out.

Music & BGM

Anirudh usual Formula makes a calculated win. Visually his songs gets good choreography in the 1st half all 3 Songs. Intro Song can be better. Climax BGM is Notable.

DOP & Editing :

Arun babu understand the Mass angle & logical visual, esp Actress Surabi initial glow appearance when meeting Dhanush. Few Construction site frames looks like documentary, But Editor Rajesh Kumar keeps the frames moving. Both does a fair job.


Vettri ilakkai Pathikkum / வெற்றி இலக்கை பதிக்கும்

Rating: 3/5

Req to Online Reviewers / Medias :

ஒரு கால் நீங்க மேல  தப்பா போட்டால் அது “வெற்றி இலக்கை பாதிக்கும்”


For Comments Email : info@kwoodcinema.com